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Graphic Arts of the Eleventh Doctor Era!
Welcome to elevengraphics.

Just some basic rules and house keeping:
#1- Icons can only be posted here if they are in a mixed post (meaning there are banners/gifs/headers or something else in that post as well).
#2- When posting anything larger than icons 1 teaser out side a cut.
#3- Teasers should be no larger than 500x500px to save people's friends pages.
#4- Be responsible, mark things that are not safe for work with NSFW.
#5- Keep spoilers to a minimum outside of a cut. WARN people if your post contains spoilers. Spoilers are anything from an episode within TWO WEEKS of it airing in the UK. This gives people in Australia and America time to see the episodes too. Be responsible.
#6- PLEASE USE THE TAGS! if there is not an appropriate tag you think there should be, say so at the bottom of your post and I'll add it.
#7- Please also try to put a subject line into every post.

If you would like to affiliate with elevengraphics please contact kirrilee_t via PM for now.

If you would like to advertise a community in elevengraphics please contact kirrilee_t via PM also before doing so to seek out permission.

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